Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long have you been building post-frame structures

We have been in business since 2014, I personalty have been building post-frame buildings for 10 years, about 250-300 buildings in 10 years

  • Design of our buildings

We use laminated columns, 2x8 treated base board, 2x6 wall girts, Double 2x12 ledgers, trusses 4' or 5' on center, 2x4 roof purlins, and lots of brace. 

  • How do you prevent your building from settling

This is very import part of any structure but so many companies locally skip it to cut cost.  What we do to prevent our building from settling ever is after we dig our holes 18" round, then tamp them very hard with a metal tamper and we place a pre-made concrete footing that is 4" thick and 16" round. Once this is in place when then can set the columns. 

  • Do you have up lift protection

Every Greenhaw building comes standard with up lift protection, we want to make sure you building can stand up very high winds.  Our up lift protection consist of a piece of 1/2" rebar thru the bottom of the columns with 2 bags of concrete poured around it for ultimate holding power.

  • Are your trusses manufactured

Yes our trusses are manufacture at a truss plant, this insures you are getting a truss that is designed to your specific building.  Trusses come standard with a 25lb snow load and 105mph wind load. 

  • What type of insulation do you offer

We only offer 2 types of insulation, 

First one is our 3" vinyl backed fiberglass insulation R-10, I do not offer double bubble or any other cheap useless insulation.  In my option if a customers wants a insulated building it should be insulated, not with some bubble insulation.

Second one is spray foam, how ever when I use spray foam on my buildings, I first put down tyvek wrap between the metal  so the foam never touches the metal.  This will ensure we don't effect the warranty of the metal and if ever need to you can change a sheet of metal.

  • What do you require before starting a building

We don't require anything at all if you want us to take care of everything from start to finish.  Now you are more than welcome to do as much as you would like to handle before we start the project like getting ground grade to level and permits.  

I handle getting all permits for any county that requires one prior to starting a project. 


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